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Beach, Bay & Marsh Stories

The Beach and Bay Committee has introduced a new Feature Column on our SHPOA Web Site for 2014 titled, Beach, Bay, and Marsh Stories. Working in conjunction with The Wetlands Institute, we are providing informative and interesting stories on a bi-monthly basis that will update and inform you about the activities and events that will affect the status of our treasured beach, bay and marshlands.

We will supplement this column with other stories including interviews with various other Beach, Bay, and Marsh experts and post occasional “Blasts” about a significant event or story on our web site that will offer timely and relevant information.

All the columns will be available on our website under the Beach and Bay Tab for later viewing.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on how we can enhance this new feature for our members.


Did you know that The Wetlands Institute is working in cooperation with the Borough of Stone Harbor and the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Committee to implement an invasive vegetation management and control plan for the Bird Sanctuary?  This management plan will prioritize the removal of invasive plant growth in the Sanctuary to improve roosting and nesting habitat for colonial wading birds such as egrets and herons.  Resident and migratory songbirds will also benefit from our habitat restoration activities.
On Saturday November 2, 2013, The Wetlands Institute, Borough of Stone Harbor and the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary Committee held the first of many planned volunteer events designed to remove invasive vines from the Sanctuary.  Volunteers made a significant impact as they removed a dumpster’s worth of invasive English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle from a section of the Sanctuary containing original maritime forest, a habitat highly valued by wildlife.
Make sure to pay the Stone Harbor Bird Sanctuary a visit to see the improvements thus far.  If you are interested in participating in future invasive species clean-up days,